Top 6 ways to stay secure online

There are lots of things all about online safety, the major question is what will make you vulnerable, or less secure online, these are few Top 5 tips you need to stay online…. By simply taken these simple steps you will be highly secured from any form of vulnerability

* One of these 5 steps is Installing a good firewall program such as ZoneAlarm, Comodo Internet security, Avast internet security and so on , this will prevent any programs to access the internet without your permission and also will block intruders from accessing your PC

* Second thing that you need to take into consideration is the Check for Viruses on your PC, While checking for viruses on your PC regularly reduces your risk of getting vulnerable or attacked by virus that may destroy your important files and data of any magnitude.


* Another thing is that of Removing Spyware, this can also make you completely be free from online tracking from any body at time.

* More so you need to Update your windows regularly, to completely fix security issues on Windows Internet Explorer and other Microsoft software such Microsoft office, Enterprise and so on. this step only prompt you to restart your system time after time and sometimes Installed the updates when you are shutting down your PC.

* Browsing more safely also is another major criteria to look into Using of unrecognized browser can expose you to different attack day in day out, but using of some of the best browser such as Google chrome browsers one most fastest browser ever, Microsoft windows internet Explorer 8 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or 5.0 and above, Opera 10.0, Flock Browser, Safari to mention but a few out of many browser out there will definitely reduce your risk in loosing your useful and confidential files and data to Intruders or Hackers…

* The last of all the five top steps is all about your individual decision, for example giving your password to careless people to use, or browsing with confidential data’s on a PC that doesn’t belong to you, thereby duplicating your login password or otherwise leaving a trace of all you do on the fellows PC.

Above all “Be Careful who you give your vital information to and follow all other steps to stay completely online at any time.
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Article by Samson Oluwafemi

Samson Abiodun is the C.E.O of this technology knowledge sharing blog {eComputerTips}, A blog you can learn and add more to your knowledge about something you don't know. He Also spend time in writing guest post for other blogs as well as doing some Contract Blogging , SEO's and so on, you can reach Samson Abiodun or eComputerTips on Facebook, Google +, Linkdin and Twitter, or Contact him via email. Hey before you Navigate away, please make sure you share this page with at least one friend, try to be the first to Like and share..... Thanks for Reading and Sharing


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