Privacy Policy

eComputertips will serve you earnestly and satisfactorily If you can follow, Read and understand this terms before signing a contract with Us. 

This page here contains eComputerTips Service Policy and disclaimer for all our present and intending customers for a proper alignment with us while we do business.

  • eComputertips is a blog with Original contents No Duplicate, therefore has the right to sue Anybody with duplicate contents of the article except where used for educational purposes and with right license from the Author/Administrator only.
  • eComputertips is not liable for any mis-management of contents by client therefore leading to loss of authority of any part of the contract contents or documents received.
  • eComputertips will not be responsible of any change of contract plan without the prior notification of the change resulting in slow delivery of the service requested for.
  • eComputertips has the right to stop any On-going contract that is not fully beneficial anymore at anytime after a notice been sent to the client without any further information.
  • Please Note that eComputertips is not a manufacturer,only rendering services therefore not liable for any replacement of product bought with physical defects after reviews, So please inspectwellwhatever bought and contact the support team of the manufacturer for corrections.
  • Integrity is our Concern @ eComputertips that’s why we give the best to our clients therefore clarity purpose and reason; there is no refund of any service already rendered to client.

Thank you for taking your time to read through this short but details Service policies and disclaimers for better services to you all, we hope to do a fruitful business with you soon.