How to hack boost your Internet connection on any windows

Do you know that there are many things still hidden on your computer that you don’t know? Ponder while you search through…

Well let me ask you first that what do you think is making your PC Internet connection slower than you expected?

Some people still wonder why their internet connection is slow compared to what they have on a friends PC using the same type of Internet or ISP for example those using the CDMA on the same network, I was a victim of this same circumstances until I know the cause and what to do stop this problem, Starting by Exploring this, please note that this information is applicable to version of windows below and above windows XP well just showing from this tricks from windows XP.

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems reserves some rights to limiting your Internet bandwidth for their own useful purposes, for stuff like Microsoft windows Updates and some other interrogative purposes on your PC, well there is no panic you can actually get it back if could just follow some few steps to do this.

You can really do yourself some good by stop some services you don’t want to eat up your internet bandwidth such as those windows update and the rest, this is going to be done via the local computer policy also called Group Policy Editor.






Group Policy Editor in Microsoft windows XP, can be used to define user and computer configurations for groups of users and computer. Under this group policy editor you can create a specific desktop configuration for a particular group of users and computers by using the Group policy Microsoft Management console (MMC) snap-in.

With these Group policy snap-in you could specify policy settings for the following below

  • Registry Based Policy: This includes group policy for the windows XP operating systems and its components and for programs.
  • Security Based options: This in particular includes options for local computer, domain and security settings.
  • Software installation and Maintenance options: This is used to centrally manage program installation, updates and removal to avoid some errors on a network.
  • Script options: This is practically to control scripts for computer startups and shutdowns as well as user logon and logoff’s.
  • Folder Redirection options:  These allow the Administrators to redirect user’s special folders to the network e.t.c.

With group policy do you know you can define the state of your users, their work environment once and rely on the system to enforce the policies that you define, well this is just a bit explanation of what a group policy is to get more you can check Microsoft webpage for more documentation.

Now to the procedures

  • Click Start ->> Run

=> Type gpedit.msc

These will open the group policy editor then follow the rest by doing these

  • From the window’s left corner-up, select Local computer policy
  • Then select the Computer configuration

=> Administrative templates

=> Network

=>QOS Packet Scheduler

=> Double click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

After opening the window funny enough you will see Not Configured, by default this packet scheduler limits the system up to (20%) percent of your internet connections bandwidth, but this setting can be used to override the default.  So here is the trick you need, just Enable it and change the value from 20 to Zero, this will actually allow the system to reserve nothing compared to the default 20% reserved..Bla bla bla… Ceteris Paribus that all you need to do to hack boost you PC Internet connection

Hope this  was informative? If yes then  check out other topics on computer tech tricks, tutorials and of course online safety

Article by Samson Oluwafemi

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